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Search for Old Intelligence

Our Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) programs scan the cosmos for tell-tale electromagnetic traces of other civilizations. They hope to find a beacon announcing the presence of an intelligent species out among the stars, but they also are looking for any signal that might indicate intelligence even though it is not intended as an announcement. […]

Ethical Considerations of Non-Humans

We tend to take it for granted that because we consider animals to be less than we are, they have fewer rights. In essence, we’ve made an ethical judgement that a species inferior to humans has less need to survive than humans, or at least not as much need to survive as well as humans. […]

ET Slow Scan

ET phone home. . . slowly. In cyber-security, a stealthy attempt at reconnaissance often involves slowing down a scan until the time frame goes below the parameters in the intrusion detection signatures and the scan effectively disappears from the radar of the defenders. SETI radio astronomers monitor space for tell-tale radio signals that might demonstrate […]

Fermi Paradox

If our Solar System and planet Earth are typical of the universe, then considering how many galaxies and how many stars there are, the place should be teeming with intelligent life. (see the link to the Drake Equation below that discusses this) The Fermi Paradox is that in spite of this logical reasoning that there […]

Drake Equation

The “Drake Equation” was composed by Frank Drake in 1960 as a means to predict the chances that there is intelligent life somewhere else in the universe. The equation includes a series of values that are estimated by common sense or logic or any other means available. Once the values are filled in, the equation […]