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Ceramic Aerogel Composite

Atomic layer deposition grows thin film layers of materials using sequential exposure of a substrate to gas molecules. Researchers at Purdue University are using a graphene aerogel substrate and depositing thin layers of aluminum oxide ceramic to create a new material that is light, elastic, strong, conductive, and offers thermal insulation. This has excellent potential […]

3D Printing Graphene Aerogels

Aerogel, aka “frozen smoke” is a light, porous, nearly translucent, matrix of silica, made by removing the liquid part of a gel. Aerogels can also be made from metals and from carbon. Graphene versions of aerogel offer intriguing combinations of strength and electrical conductivity. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory is working on a process that uses 3D […]

Aerogel – Frozen Smoke

Aerogel, also known as “frozen smoke” because of it’s vaporous, translucent appearance, is actually a rigid, dry and porous solid. The first aerogel was made in 1931 by Samuel Kistler, using a supercritical fluid drying process to extract the liquid component of a gel, leaving a solid matrix of silica that is highly porous and […]