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Software Based Synthetic Knowledge

Software based calculators, spreadsheets, databases, word processors and presentation managers have been augmenting our own ability to process information for years. Over time, they have added math functions, spell checking and animation features to make them more effective. Newer software is developing the ability to process and analyze voice and video streams at ever increasing […]

AI Trust Issues

It will take time for humans to learn to trust AIs Trusting an AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not any different than trusting a human. It is normal to be wary of the unknown and wary of trusting something that you don’t understand. But, as understanding and familiarity grow, so can trust. Trust is generally developed […]

Ethical Advisors

AI agents that can act as ethical advisors to humans will be possible soon. Once we have successfully coded ethics into a logic scheme that can be translated into programming code and the agents go through a sufficient learning curve, they will be capable of offering advice on ethical decisions. EA (Ethical Advisor) agents will […]