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3D Printing a Steel Bridge

3D printing began largely in a fashion similar to ink-jet printers, with extrusion nozzles spraying plastics and resins into three dimensional configurations controlled by detailed computerized drawings. It has advanced to using metals and lasers and welding techniques. A company called MX3D that specializes in using robotic welding machines with additive manufacturing is demonstrating their […]

3D Printing a Jet Engine

Using Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) to fuse thin layers of hybrid alloys together, a team of engineers at GE has printed a small jet engine that operates. The 3D Printed Jet Engine – [] These Engineers 3D Printed a Mini Jet Engine, Then Took it to 33,000 RPM – [] Consider it a jet […]

First Printed Aircraft

Laser sintering is a process that uses a high powered laser beam to fuse together powdered particles of glass, ceramic, plastic or metal, in additive layers until a 3D object is created. In this case, laser sintering of nylon was used to create a flying model aircraft known as the SULSA (Southampton University Laser Sintered […]

3D Printers Tested in Zero-G

For the first time, 3D printers have been tested in a zero-gravity environment. MADE IN SPACE successfully completed two suborbital flights that tested several 3D printers through a series of zero-gravity parabola maneuvers. 3D Printers Tested in Zero-G – [] ELLINGTON FIELD, TX – July 28, 2011 – MADE IN SPACE, a start-up dedicated to […]

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is the process of adding layers of material to previous layers to create 3D objects, usually from computer controlled models. A variety of techniques can be used, including: aerosol jets and extrusion nozzles that deposit layers of materials, and often heating techniques that use lasers or electron beams to combine or fuse the […]