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Shaping Sound With Metamaterials

Metamaterials have the ability to create an effect based on their structure. Most metamaterials in recent news have involved optical or electrical effects. Researchers at the Universities of Sussex and Bristol have invented metamaterials that bend, shape, and focus sound. This has potential applications in medical imaging, sonar, haptics, and personal audio. Metamaterial bricks and […]

Singing Optical Sensor Fibers

MIT researchers are creating fibers that can interact with their environment to provide sensory input and output, with sound and light and more. This research may enable a wide range of biomedical ensors that can be placed inside the body to collect information and possible interact with it. The researchers also expect the fibers will […]


Metamaterials are artificially created materials that exhibit characteristics not found in natural materials. These unique properties are often derived from the nanoscale structure of the material instead of from the chemical makeup. Most current references to metamaterials deal with interesting electromagnetic properties and often photonics or opto-electronics. One of the most exciting applications in this […]

Acoustic Hyperlens

High resolution ultrasound scans and greatly improved sonal imaging may become possible because of a technique using metamaterials to create a hyperlens that can focus sound to a fraction of its wavelength. Acoustic Hyperlens Could Sharpen Ultrasound Imaging – [ieee.org] In the past few years, researchers have created artificial materials known as metamaterials, which bend […]