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Robotic Space Tugs

Most cargo will be moved in space by simply pushing it into a desired trajectory and then waiting for it to arrive at the destination. The trajectory will vary according to both the start and end point and the amount of time we are willing to wait for the cargo to arrive. If we are […]

Visual Cortex in USB Form Factor

Housed in a USB key device, the Fathom contains an embedded neural network that can accelerate deep learning with low power requirements. It uses the dedicated Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU) chip to provide visual cortex functions in stand alone environments without requiring cloud connectivity. Movidius Announces Deep Learning Accelerator and Fathom Software Framework […]

Space Transport

In space, the dividing line between what is considered to be a habitat and what is considered to be a vehicle will become hazy. Large habitat-like structures can be put into orbits that offer transport from one place to another and from one orbit to another. A habitat placed in an orbit that goes from […]