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Hacking Exposed – Wireless

The new second edition update to “Hacking Exposed – Wireless” has a companion web site that includes several extended versions of chapters. Hacking Exposed Wireless 2nd Edition – [hackingexposedwireless.com] Online Chapters Wireless is a very complex topic, and some may want to dig even further into the WiFi and Bluetooth specifications while learning more about […]


Kismet is a powerful wireless sniffer that offers excellent passive reconnaissance of wireless networks. It requires a wireless card that supports rfmon (monitor) mode and runs on linux. It is available as a standalone application and is also found on the Backtrack CD compilation. Kismet – [kismetwireless.net] What is Kismet? Kismet is an 802.11 layer2 […]

Wireless Restrictions

AC-18 WIRELESS RESTRICTIONS (NIST SP 800-53) The organization: (i) establishes usage restrictions and implementation guidance for wireless technologies; and (ii) authorizes, monitors, controls wireless access to the information system. NIST Special Publications 800-48 and 800-97 provide guidance on wireless network security. NIST Special Publication 800-94 provides guidance on wireless intrusion detection and prevention. Overview of […]



Wireless attacks are constantly changing and so are the defensive techniques used against them. Here are some of the areas involved with different wireless attacks: Recon – most wireless attacks start out with some form of recon. It is usually possible to sniff the wireless packets WEP – this security protocol is no longer safe […]