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The Future of Jobs is Half-full

It has become clear that automation is going to replace many old jobs. But the ramifications of that change is an old issue, going back at least to the Luddites, who destroyed machines that they thought were disrupting their working environment. As robots and automation replace old jobs, they create new technologies and new wealth […]

3D Printing a Steel Bridge

3D printing began largely in a fashion similar to ink-jet printers, with extrusion nozzles spraying plastics and resins into three dimensional configurations controlled by detailed computerized drawings. It has advanced to using metals and lasers and welding techniques. A company called MX3D that specializes in using robotic welding machines with additive manufacturing is demonstrating their […]

3D Printing a Jet Engine

Using Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) to fuse thin layers of hybrid alloys together, a team of engineers at GE has printed a small jet engine that operates. The 3D Printed Jet Engine – [] These Engineers 3D Printed a Mini Jet Engine, Then Took it to 33,000 RPM – [] Consider it a jet […]

Software That Creates Hardware

All of our work at chiseling shapes out of matter originates with an idea of something. Then we find a way to manifest that idea through some technique of manipulating energy and matter. We “see” patterns in the swirl of the world around us and decide to recreate that pattern in a new form. The […]

3D Printing Graphene Aerogels

Aerogel, aka “frozen smoke” is a light, porous, nearly translucent, matrix of silica, made by removing the liquid part of a gel. Aerogels can also be made from metals and from carbon. Graphene versions of aerogel offer intriguing combinations of strength and electrical conductivity. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory is working on a process that uses 3D […]

3D Printing Wired Fabric Objects

Soft, deformable, 3D objects are created by laser cutting 2D sheets of fabric, then bonding them together with heat sensitive adhesive. Special sheets of conductive fabric can be included as needed to create electronic capabilities. The end product is soft, flexible, interactive objects. A Layered Fabric 3D Printer for Soft Interactive Objects – [] We […]

Printing Liquid Metal

Flexible conductors printed on elastic materials is possible using a liquid metal nanoparticle filled ink. A new class of metallic nanoparticles is likely to spawn breakthroughs in fields such as: soft robotics, conformable electronics, wireless communications, micro/nanofluidics, wearable/implantable devices, and energy storage and transport systems. Inkjet-printed liquid metal could bring wearable tech, soft robotics – […]

CLIP = Continuous Liquid Interface Production

3D printing has taken a revolutionary step forward with a continuous printing technique that draws material from a liquid pool, controlled with a pattern drawn by light. The CLIP process lifts a forming object from a pool of resin while a beam of light controls the formation by projecting a sequence of images on the […]

Interlocking Cellular Composite Building Blocks

Using 3D printing to make many porous cells of fiber composite materials that interlock like chain mail, allows the creation of large strong structures at reduced cost. It changes the paradigm for damage repair and recycling. Much greater design flexibility is available by mass producing many small parts instead of large continuous surfaces. How to […]

Printing a Cyborg Ear

Merging functional electronics with 3D printing that adds layers of a hydrogel matrix allows researchers to grow cartilage tissue and form a simple bionic ear. Now they just need to add blood vessels and skin. Printable ‘bionic’ ear melds electronics and biology 0 [] Using 3-D printing tools, scientists at Princeton University have created a […]