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Stepping Stones to Space

Stepping Stones to Space

The goal of space colonization is to colonize space, not to climb out of the gravity well of our planet only to climb back down into the gravity well of another planet and start building there. The goal is to learn to live in space and the future of space colonization will be directed toward living in the asteroid belt region between Mars and Jupiter. That is where the abundant resources are – the rocks.

The national space programs of the past are large, expensive and mired in the muck of bureaucracy and political issues and seem stuck on the idea of living on a planetary surface. Space lift vehicles are now being developed commercially and soon, private enterprise will begin to develop space habitats.

Here is an outline of some of the steps necessary to make space colonization a reality:

  • Lift to orbit – the first step is get into orbit around the Earth, out of the deepest part of the gravity well
  • Space habitats – once in orbit, a place to live is needed
  • Resources and tools for building – in order for a group of colonists to move beyond the initial stop, more habitats will have to be built
  • Tools for mining – once colonists have made the journey to the asteroid belt in their habitats, they will need to be able to extract building materials and other resources from the rocks
  • Finances – as the stepping stones are put into place, financial institutions and investors will need to offer financing to enable the steep initial costs

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