Space Launch Costs Will Become Increasingly Irrelevant

Historically, one of the greatest impediments to the process of humanity moving out into space has been the extreme costs of launching payloads out of our gravity well. There are two factors that will contribute to a dramatic decrease in the affect of launch costs on space migration.

  1. Space elevators will greatly reduce the effort needed to move people and materials out of the gravitational sink hole of Earth.
  2. The vast majority of this will become a one way process. Once people have moved out into space, they will become reluctant to fall back down into a gravitational hole, preferring instead to remain at the top of the hole where they will no longer have to fight to get out. This means learning to live in space instead of on the surface of planets.

Once established, a space based economy will be more efficient and more productive than one based inside a planetary well of gravity. This is our future.

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