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Some of Us Need to Get Off This Planet

Some of Us Need to Get Off This Planet

There are too many ways for the existence of our entire species to be threatened without good recourse as long as we’re all on a single planet. We need to diversify our locations and provide alternative responses for survival. An asteroid strike, a gamma ray bombardment, a super volcano, an accident from bio-genetic tinkering, a bio-genetic weapon, an exchange of nuclear weapons, and other catastrophic events have the possibility to eliminate all forms of life on this planet or at least all human life.

While getting some humans off the planet Earth isn’t a complete solution for all contingencies, it would be a major step forward toward insuring our survival. It’s not enough to simply have a few astronauts living in a space station or even a base on the Moon. We need to have a self sufficient colony of humans living fare enough away from Earth to escape most of the threats that are concerns. A base on Mars would fit that description, but why go back down into a gravity well after just spending so much energy to escape one here?

Living in the asteroid belt is the answer. The first humans to reach the belt in large numbers will be miners and they will have to bring with them everything they need to stay alive. But shortly, they will begin to produce the gases we need for air and water and fuel. They will be able to produce electricity from solar energy and grow their own food. And once they can offer both sustenance and valuable trading materials, many other people will join them.

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