Private Industry is Driving Space Exploration

Space exploration was once the exclusive domain of national programs with strong connections to military objectives and resources. While those programs still exist in many nations, the front edge of exploration is being taken over and driven by private industry. Currently, their primary missions are the development of lift propulsion devices and re-usable craft to carry humans and cargo to orbital levels. Soon, they will expand beyond those goals and begin to develop habitats for living in space and space based industries.

The idea of a temporary space station will morph into habitats that are dwellings for permanent residents, who do not intend to return to Earth. The nation based space programs are likely to focus on expanding their national presence by establishing land bases on the Moon and Mars. But industry based programs will be looking beyond that to the riches in the asteroid belt.

Asteroid mining has the potential to provide the necessary supplies for living in space permanently as well as founding an industrial base to produce riches. The Moon and Mars are appealing because our thinking is limited by our experience of gravity bound living on the surface of a planet. We need a transition of our thought processes, a “Copernican inversion” that reverses our thinking patterns from living on the outside of a sphere to living on the inside of a rotating wheel.

Once the first rotating wheel habitat has been constructed and occupied, the paradigm will shift and private industry will lead us toward what works and produces a rich and free living environment unfettered by the limiting conventions of government based thinking.

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