NASA Concept – Asteroid Survey

The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program promotes ideas to innovate aerospace. One of the proposals currently being studied by NIAC involves a survey of asteroids.

NASA 360 Presents – From Science Fiction to Science Fact

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Is suspended animation possible? Can we 3D print whole structures on the moon? How about swimming the ocean of Europa?


Join NASA 360 as we take a look at NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC).

NIAC nurtures visionary ideas that could transform future NASA missions with the creation of breakthroughs — radically better or entirely new aerospace concepts — while engaging America’s innovators and entrepreneurs as partners in the journey.

Sutter: Breakthrough Telescope Innovation for Asteroid Survey Missions to Start a Gold Rush in Space – []

CONCEPT: To solve this critical unmet need we envision a new type of low cost, high performance compound telescope, the Compound Synthetic Tracker (CST) which we propose for a series of new space missions that takes advantage of recent advances in electronics, CubeSat technology, laser communications, and off-the-shelf optics for camera zoom lenses. The first space mission concept we propose based on CST is the Sutter Survey, named after the Sutter’s Mill discovery which led to the California gold rush. The Sutter Survey project can lead to a gold rush in space to exploit the resources of the small highly accessible NEOs that we intend to find and characterize.

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