Lunar Space Elevator

A space elevator is a long cable hung from an object in geo-stationary orbit, so that payloads can climb up the cable into orbit at low cost compared to rocket blast-offs. The cable has to be made of strong but light material and the climber must be supplied with power. This concept was recently only science fiction, but now teams are working with new technology to make it actually happen. There are still many problems to be overcome.

Most of these problems will be simpler for a space elevator on the Moon, where there is less gravity, plenty of solar energy and no atmospheric disturbance to deal with. Once a Moon base is established, having a space elevator will make it easier to move materials to and from the surface. Mining the Moon for building materials and water will enable the creation of space habitats that can be used to further explore the Solar System.

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The science behind the space elevator fiction. For more facts refer to EuSEC 2011 – European Space Elevator Challenge organized by DGLR student group WARR
The competition takes place from 19th to 21th of August 2011 at Technische Universitaet Munich (TUM), Garching Campus, Germany.
For information on the previous science fiction vision, refer to .
“The Fountains of Paradise” is an Award-winning 1979 novel by Arthur C. Clarke. Set in the 22nd century, it describes the construction of a space elevator. This “orbital tower” is a giant structure rising from the ground and linking with a satellite in geostationary orbit.

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The Vision
Climbers ascend a ribbon, 100,000 km long, strung between an anchor on Earth and a counterweight in space. Connecting Earth and space in a way never before possible, the space elevator will enable us to inexpensively and completely expand our society into space.

Beyond Earth, space elevators on the moon and Mars open new economic opportunities and expand humanity’s reach ever so slightly into the solar system.

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Project Description: LiftPort’s proposed research will develop practical, near-term solutions for construction and expansion of a Lunar Elevator. The study will include characterization of materials; analysis of required rocketry and robotics; and evaluation of landing sites and methods of anchoring to the Lunar surface. Additionally, Ribbon spooling, infrastructure deployment, and micrometeorite mitigation techniques will be explored.

Space Elevator

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