How to Prevent Against Asteroid Threat

There has been a lot of recent discussion about the threat to Earth from asteroid impact and what we can do to prevent it. Some of the methodology is obvious:

  1. Design a scalable plan – The plan should has to be designed with a clear understanding that it will change over time. It must be able to scale up in distance, effectiveness and cost.
  2. Implement an early warning system – This requires placing sensors at key “Earth-remote” locations so that they can detect new threats at a greater distance than Earth-based detection devices.
  3. Implement deterrence at a distance – with enough notice, a very small deflection of the track of a dangerous asteroid will be enough to remove the threat. Key factors include how large the asteroid is and how long it takes for the deflection tool to intercept the threat. It makes sense to grow a network of deflection tools located to minimize their interception time.
  4. Constantly improve the process – Changes in technology, a change in public perception of the threat, and step by step advances in our ability to lift payloads out of the gravity well and to manufacture new tools in space from available resources: all of these will produce change and a need to constantly expand and improve the process.

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