Blue Origin Booster Lands After Third Flight

Blue Origin makes a reusable space launch system called “New Shepard”. The booster rocket lifts a space capsule capable of carrying six occupants to the edge of space. The booster then lands itself safely at the launch site in West Texas, while the capsule descends by parachute. This flight marks the third time the same booster rocket has been flown and landed.

Flight Three: Pushing the Envelope

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New Shepard flew again on April 2, 2016 reaching an apogee of 339,178 feet or 103 kilometers. It was the third flight with the same hardware. We pushed the envelope on this flight, restarting the engine for the propulsive landing only 3,600 feet above the ground, requiring the BE-3 engine to start fast and ramp to high thrust fast.

Blue Origin

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