Time Lapse of Asteroid Discovery

This amazing animation shows how many asteroids have been discovered across a time span of 1980-2012. Here are some rounded numbers that show the progression of discovery over the years:

1980 – 009,000
1990 – 015,000
2000 – 100,000
2010 – 525,000
2012 – 580,000

Watch the video to see how it happened.

Asteroid Discovery – 1980-2012 – UHDTV – [youtube.com]

Published on Sep 6, 2012 by Scott Manley
The latest update to the asteroid discovery video, now at UHDTV resolutions and with a voiceover explaining what’s going on.

Thanks to the Lowell Observatory and Minor Planet Center for supplying the data used to create this.

Current Map Of The Solar System – [arm.ac.uk]

The image below is an up to date map of the solar system displaying the orbits of the terrestrial planets and the estimated position of thousands of known asteroids. This diagram is missing comets, space probes and, of course, the undiscovered asteroids. Even conservative estimates would suggest that for every asteroid on a dangerous Earth-Approaching orbit there are hundreds more which have yet to be discovered. There are over 300 known objects on Earth-crossing orbits, the majority of which are potentially capable of causing death and destruction on a scale unheard of in human history.

While most graphical representations of the asteroid belt show it as seen from “above” (or below) the plane of the Solar System, this one begins that way, then tilts to show the view from the “side” of the belt.

The Asteroids, edge-on view – [arm.ac.uk]

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