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Freedom in Space

Freedom in Space

The main factor that will drive a mass emigration from Earth into the vast expanses of the asteroid belt will be freedom. People will say it is done for greed, for want of wealth, but the real reason will be a quest for personal freedom.

Freedom from government interference in our lives, freedom from religious interference in our lives, freedom from the influence of large powerful corporations in our lives; these driving motivators should sound familiar, because they are the same factors that previously drove millions of settlers to leave their homes in the old world and take a long and dangerous ocean voyage in risky ships to a strange new place called “America”. They were tired of being crushed by large oppressive organizations and were willing to take a chance on starting over with less interference in their lives.

It will be expensive to pay for transit from Earth to the asteroid belt, but it will be worth everything to those who choose to make the journey. They will sell all they own on Earth and mortgage their future to reach the freedom they see in space. And it’s not just the space and distance and lack of large organizations that will supply their freedom. With financial freedom, comes the ability to make choices more freely, to live a life based on personal preference rather than necessity.

Out in the “rocks”, space is free, energy and building materials only need to be collected, and the rare materials strained from the effort of building from rocks can be sold for fortunes. All you need is the basic mortgage loan on your future wealth for a few billion and you can pay for the transit and buy the machines you need and begin building your own palace. Build it as large as you wish. Design it to remind you of your best experiences back on Earth, but without the dirt and bugs and pollution and interference. Make the walls of every room in your habitat out of the new programmable composites that can be morphed into any shape and can project any image and any texture. Spare no expense, and turn your new home into a fantasy of favorite delights and forget about Earth. There are few limits out here where space is swimming in freedom and all you need to do is grab some for yourself.

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