Emergency Evacuation to the Asteroid Belt

In an emergency that could threaten the survival of our entire species, an evacuation from the planet would need to be considered. The asteroid belt is the most logical place for this because of the lack of gravity wells and the abundance of raw materials for building and life support.

Ultimate Bug-Out Location = the Asteroid Belt – [optimizesurvival.com]

All bug-out locations have their limitations and some emergency scenarios can encompass the entire planet. The ultimate bug-out location will eventually become – emigrating to the asteroid belt.

Short term bug-out planning involves sudden, unexpected and often forced evacuations. But plenty of preppers have opted for changing their lifestyle and moving to an off-grid location in an area considered to be a “redoubt”, meaning a secure retreat or stronghold. The ultimate secure retreat from all earth based threats is to leave earth and create a stronghold somewhere else.

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