The Singularity is an Ascension

“The Singularity” is an event of expansion of intelligence that feeds back into itself creating a period of exponential growth. We find it difficult to imagine much less define a state of super intelligence, but we can postulate that it will offer solutions and provide opportunities.

An Ascension is the process of moving to a higher plane of spiritual consciousness. This has been described in many forms in different religions as well as in mysticism and science fiction. Attempts have been made to describe the form of group ascensions but the only well documented instances of great personal transformation seem to be on an individual basis.

Blending these two like concepts together provides some interesting speculation. Both processes involve abnormally rapid improvement. Both processes have poorly defined products and/or end points. Both processes have identified some of the elements that contribute to their takeoff but neither have a carefully defined methodology that can trigger it.

An Ascension seems to be a personal event that occurs after a set of precursor characteristics are established in the mental and spiritual state of the person. The Singularity seems to be more of a group event available to everyone once a set of precursor characteristics are established in our infrastructure.

The Singularity will be a form of Ascension and is likely to come as a hybrid of the individual and group forms, in that while it will be available to everyone, that does not mean everyone will take advantage of it. It seems more likely to occur in a “trickle” fashion, starting slowly, then eventually producing a steady stream of participants. There also is no indication that there will be a sudden leap to a new level as in a quantum jump. It’s not currently practical to determine whether or not such a jump will occur at some point, but most analog curves are smooth, meaning a smooth increase in intelligence.

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