QUANTUM STUFF – Introduction

Quantum computing is not simple to understand. A good starting place is some of the ideas in quantum mechanics since they are fundamental to quantum computing. This is an introduction to a series of posts on stuff related to quantum quantum mechanics and quantum computing.

  • Definition of “quantum”
    • An amount or quantity of something
    • A portion or clump of something
  • Quantum stuff in physics – The idea that energy and matter tend to migrate toward clumps or groups that exhibit discrete values instead of being scattered across a smooth analog scale
  • The word “quantum” has taken on mystical characteristics
    • The idea that probabilistic waves exist in a state of superposition that collapse into discrete values only when observed is an ill defined and fuzzy concept
    • With an absence of clear explanation, many fuzzy theories have been superimposed on this foundation
    • The word “quantum” has taken on characteristics of a mystical semantic disturbance where the map attempts to define the territory instead of the other way around

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