Defining the Singularity

Considering what changes the singularity is bringing is difficult because by nature, a singularity defines a threshold beyond which lies limited vision or understanding. However, there are some common sense assumptions that we can make regarding the singularity based on the conditions that predict it.

  • The rate of change of technological development and of increasing intelligence will continue to increase more rapidly
  • We will be continually more able to see or predict the future pathway (although, the acceleration may also continually diminish this “visibility” range)
  • Technology serves as an amplifier of human effort, so as technology advances faster, human motives and efforts will become more amplified. The result for society will be a broadening of the social spectrum and strengthening of what would normally be considered fringe elements. Human society will become more divergent and will seem more extreme at the edges.
  • A state of abundance, surplus and availability will become pervasive. This will create an increased level of self-sufficiency and independence.
  • Rapidly expanding and improving communications ability will change socio-economic structures in ways that make them more responsive with less delay.

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