Sell Mexico Solar Power Generated by Trumps Wall

Implementing this idea will be subject to political winds. But it raises the concept of using other pieces of infrastructure to collect solar power. Roads, railroad tracks, power lines, pipelines, and more structures in our society negotiate “right of way” contracts to use the land. We could be using all of these to both collect and distribute solar electric power.

One Way Mexico Could “Pay” For Trump’s Wall – []

On John Carney’s comment on the President-elect’s “Freedom and Friendship Wall,” let’s start with some basics. The average commercial solar panel is 77 inches by 39 inches. The border with Mexico is roughly 2,000 miles or about 3,200 kilometers. If you position the solar panels on the wall with one single row with the short side down, you get about 3,200,000 panels or about 1,000 MWs of solar power. According to the Washington Post, the wall with Mexico could be 65 feet high. So you could technically flush mount almost ten solar panels onto the wall, but most likely you would only have five to optimize production per solar panel.

That means you could put almost 5,000 MWs of solar panels on the wall. According to PVWatts, the wall would produce over 6,600,000,000 kilowatt-hours. At about six cents per kilowatt-hour (typical cost of electricity from natural gas and coal plants in the USA) the electricity would be worth about $396,000,000 per year. Over the 40 year life of the solar panels, the solar panels would collect over $15,840,000,000 – not counting the tax credits already in place for solar, low-cost debt from the North American Development Bank or escalating value of daytime power in Mexico.

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