The Advent of the Mobile Lounge

As self driving cars become more commonplace, our emphasis will change from driving experience to riding experience. If the vehicle can get us where we want to go safely and efficiently, we’ll begin to think more about how we travel. We can do more and more things without leaving home. That’s a good thing because we’ve invested in making our home experience comfortable.

A mobile lounge could offer the same home experience but in a self driven vehicle that is taking us to a destination. Comfortable chairs, good air conditioning, a supply of water and food, a self contained bathroom, connectivity, and a large viewing screen, will make cars of the future seem more like a lounge that moves.

Imagine a living room, or study, or office, on wheels that takes you somewhere while you continue living without interruption. Less traffic congestion and more automation means fewer delays and safer transit. Modular mobile lounges can connect to form “trains” that might move seamlessly across highways, light rail, and even something like the hyperloop underground tunnels.

Forrester: self-driving to make global economy “unrecognizable” by 2035 – []

Forrester believes that even though more rides will take place every day in 2035, the amount of cars on the road or parked will decrease dramatically. In a large, congested city like London, five percent of the passenger cars will supposedly be needed.

Automakers will look at high definition audio, video, and partnerships with Netflix, Disney, and Spotify as ways of selling the experience, instead of the ‘driving experience’, which BMW, Mercedes, and other premium automakers market heavily.

Cars will become so cheap to run, with electric models becoming the standard, that “large employers will subsidize self-driving commuter services” and entertainment corporations will use self-driving cars as an extension of the travel experience. Forrester uses Disney as an example, picking up the customer and starting their experience in the car.

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