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Willow Garage produces open source software and hardware for personal robotic applications. In the course of their development efforts they found the need for telepresence collaboration and naturally looked to their robot resources. The result is their “Texas Robot” project. Think of a multimedia station, including display, camera, speaker, microphone and a variety of communication protocols, mounted on a robotic base that can move around an office space. This supplies a remote worker the opportunity to control the movement of the platform and interface with other workers in the office as needed.

Texas Robot – [willowgarage.com]

Here at Willow Garage, we’re accustomed to robots roaming the hallways. Robots are our tools (and occasionally, entertainment), and we always know what’s coming when we hear the familiar drone of casters down the hall. Recently, however, we can’t be so sure. The newest addition to our building sports a single PR2 caster and resembles a scrawny metal stick figure — until you notice the smiling, human face gazing back at you from the mounted computer monitor. Usually it greets you by name. This new addition is named Texas, and it’s driven by Dallas. In Indiana.

Texas Robot Overview – [willowgarage.com]

The Texas is a telepresence robot under development at Willow Garage. Our aim is to understand the technical and social interaction challenges and benefits of robotic telepresence.

Texas Alpha Robot: 25 to Build – [willowgarage.com]

In the past month or so, work has progressed on the Texas robot. We’ve decided to build 25 “Texas Alphas”, or “TA” for short, to use for ourselves as well as studies on telepresence. Over the past month, we’ve been working with our design partner, Function, to make this happen.

Lots of Texas Robots – [willowgarage.com]

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