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Qbo open source robot

Qbo open source robot

Qbo – Artificial Intelligence at home, Open Source Code Robot & Linux OS


* Stereoscopic vision
* Speech Recognition System
* Speech Synthesis System
* Qbo’s API & Web control panel
* Wifi & Bluetooth connections
* Qbo avoid crashes and falls thanks to ultrasound sensors

Qbo’s concept and design – [thecorpora.com]

When I started I was sure that this robot had to be “realistic”. I did not want to develop a biped robot or a robot with arms because I knew I would fail due to the lack of resources. Once I had that point clear, I focused my efforts on thinking what I would like to have in my own house. Some of my first ideas were that it should be small, something similar to a cat or a dog, it would move quickly in order to interact with me in a logical way and it would look nice to fit in my environment. However, the most important thing was being able to experiment in my own robot with all the information about artificial vision, speech recognition and synthesis which was under an open source license on the Internet and was used in research robots. It was also important that as the hardware improved, my robot would improve along with it and that every component was as much standard as possible (aim nearly achieved), that is to say components which were easily found in shops for two obvious reasons: first one because they were already made so I did not have to make them and second one because their price is generally low.

Hello World !!! – [thecorpora.com]

The design of a low cost open-source robot which integrates components currently found in the market at a low price (PC board, memories, ultrasound sensors, webcams, compasses, batteries, etc.), a plate frame with a suitable external design and a Linux operative system to integrate and handle every component through controllers “would be a revulsion similar to Ford’s Model-T in the past and Linux in the field of operative systems“.

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