Fixed Wing Drone by Parrot

The Parrot “Disco” is a fixed wing drone with a fish-eye lens camera, a range of nearly 2 kilometers, and flying time of over 45 minutes. It costs $1,300, flies at up to 80 kph (50 mph), and has automated take off and landing modes. There is a joystick operated control panel that integrates with a smartphone and a set of goggles that provide a first person point of view from the camera in the drone. At 700 grams weight, operating the drone in the US will require FAA registration and if the goggles are being used, FAA regs also require the presence of a second “co-pilot/visual observer” who can maintain direct visual contact with the drone.

Parrot DISCO FPV – Official Video

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With Parrot Disco, enjoy an unprecedented immersive flight experience!

Parrot Disco FPV combines the essentials of the latest technologies for flights with exceptional reality. Discover Parrot Disco, the first smart flying wing that reaches 80km/h. Immerse yourself in the vastness of the sky and see the world from a whole new angle with Parrot Cockpitglasses: the essential goggles for immersive flights. Lastly, for total control, pilot your wing with precision with the new Parrot Skycontroller 2. Take control!

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Parrot Disco takes consumer drones in a new direction

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The ready-to-fly FPV fixed-wing aircraft veers off from the multirotor copters that make up the rest of the market.

Parrot Disco Drone — Product Showcase

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Drones are there a many but what makes the Disco stand out is the fact that this is the first ready to fly wing-shaped drone you can easily pilot. Coming from the fascinating drone manufacturing team of Parrot, this drone can be considered to be fast, smart and ultra-light with a flight time of around 45 minutes. You won’t need any additional piloting skills to fly it at all. Just mount the wings to the body and simply throw it in the air. The drone connects to the Parrot ecosystem with the help of Wi-Fi and can be piloted with the Skycontroller or the Flight Plan app by using the embedded GPS for waypoints. The company stresses on designing a totally innovative piloting system which will be based on assisted control where the computer controls the drone and the pilot will be able to play with the pitch without risking any kind of bad maneuver or stall.

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