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Fractal Antenna

Fractal Antenna

Conventional antennas were typically based on some fraction of the wavelength that they were designed to receive. This meant the size of the antenna often varied with the frequency range they used. Fractal antennas reduce the overall size of the antenna because the length of the receiving contact is distributed over a fractal pattern that has intricate detail embedded into it. Fractal antennas are now being used in cell phones, RFID tags and other devices where size is important.

Fractal Antenna Proves Value of Metamaterials – [nanowerk.com]

Despite promises of amazing features, metamaterials have failed to demonstrate practical applications. Now researchers at Fractal Antenna Systems have delivered on that promise, showcasing a new video that reveals metamaterials are a valuable application resource, whose advantage is dramatically enhanced using geometric shapes called fractals.

Metamaterials are composites with unique electromagnetic attributes. Fractals are structures built up from repeated sizings of a simple shape to make a complex one. Fractals are used to make partless, shrunken resonators, also called tuned circuits, that are densely and closely packed as a metamaterial, wound as cylinders in this example, then placed on top of a conventional antenna for dramatic performance enhancements.


Have you seen it yet? If you have any interest in electronics, you’ll be fascinated by our series of videos. The first shows how the world’s best known antenna, the ¼ wave Marconi monopole, retrofitted with a slip on fractal metamaterial collar/sleeve to increase the gain by 3 dB and TRIPLE the bandwidth. Amazing but true—and it is enabled by our patented/proprietary fractal metamaterial/ resonator/ antenna technology. Check out the video transcript, with a high resolution graphic, HERE. Video 2, first of a two-parter on the invisibility cloak, will be posted in mid-December.


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