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Electronic Textiles

Electronic Textiles

From a low end of sowing and weaving electronic components into cloth for simple purposes to manufacturing cloth with electronic components embedded in the woven threads, the range of electronic textiles is wide and growing fast. Thread that generates and stores electric power from solar energy may be next.

Towards electronic textiles – putting conductive coatings on fibers – [nanowerk.com]

The future of your shirts, socks and gloves will be electronic. In years to come, wearable electronics will look nothing like even your smallest iPod or mobile phone today. Not only will such devices be embedded on textile substrates, but an electronics device or system could become the fabric itself (see for instance: “Nanotechnology e-textiles for biomonitoring and wearable electronics”). These e-textiles will have the revolutionary ability to sense, act, store, emit, and move – think biomedical monitoring functions or new man-machine interfaces, not to mention game controllers – while leveraging an existing low-cost textile manufacturing infrastructure.

Nano Breakthrough Could Lead to Electronic Textiles with Energy Storage – [energystoragetrends.blogspot.com]

UT Dallas nanotechnologists have invented a groundbreaking new technology for producing weavable, knittable, sewable and knottable yarns containing giant amounts of otherwise unspinnable powders. The reseaerchers see applications for the technology in energy storage, energy conversion and energy harvesting.

Electronic Textiles and Reactive Garments – [turbulence.org]

This five-day workshop introduces participants to the idea of electronic textiles and to the principles of soft-circuit design through hands-on demos and experimentation. Each participant or team will build a pressure-sensitive squeezable “soft switch” and create an interactive textile structure (either sculptural or wearable) with stitched pressure sensors and beaded light-emitting components.

E-Textiles Tutorial
– [sparkfun.com]

E-textiles are an up-and-coming area of the embedded electronics world that invites people who may have never experimented with electronics to try their hand at incorporating physical computing into their projects. E-textiles is the art of infusing clothing, fabric, or other materials with electronic bits and pieces.

Flexible LED Tatoos

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