Transparent Cars

If we don’t need windows in spaceships, we don’t need them in cars either. Retro-reflective screens reflect images straight back at the source of light, instead of at an opposite angle as happens with a mirror. This allows the driver of a car to see what is outside the car, just as though the car walls are transparent.

The Transparent Car


Augmented Reality Helps Drivers See Around Blind Spots – []

You’re traveling down the highway with the road flashing by beneath your feet and the scenery looming everywhere—fore and aft, left and right, above and below. Gone are the usual blind spots created by your vehicle’s doors, window frames, roof, and floor. You’re as free as a bird and just as aware of your surroundings.

We call this form of augmented reality a transparent cockpit because it would make the driver of a car feel like he’s piloting an airplane—another place where this technology might be used. We have implemented it in test cars using cameras, imaging software, projector displays, and reflective surfaces. Thus equipped, human beings could drive very safely while still enjoying the open road—more open, indeed, than ever before.

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