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Software That Creates Hardware

Software That Creates Hardware

All of our work at chiseling shapes out of matter originates with an idea of something. Then we find a way to manifest that idea through some technique of manipulating energy and matter. We “see” patterns in the swirl of the world around us and decide to recreate that pattern in a new form.

The abstract patterns we start with are software. The output can either be hardware that is used to store the pattern, or a new pattern, redesigned for a new purpose. The tools we use were once primarily hardware themselves, but now are more frequently becoming software, or stored patterns. We manipulate ideas that control the flow of other ideas and the redesign of patterns that we can use to manipulate ideas in new ways. Our tools are becoming software and our products are becoming software.

Transistors duplicate a stored pattern but at a higher energy level, amplifying it. Atomic layer film and molecular beam deposition processes accumulate matter at a very fine level of control. 3D printers accumulate matter according to a stored pattern and manifest objects that were ideas. Soon, our tools will be able to duplicate and amplify stored patterns at molecular and then atomic levels with increasing detail and dynamic control.

Optoelectronics uses stored patterns of light to change states at a molecular level. It won’t be long before a carefully crafted substrate can be activated by a light or radio wave into a sequence of self arranging processes to create customized hardware. If the energy levels of the stored wave pattern are high enough, it might be possible to also craft the substrate from many common materials.

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