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IOT Will Change the Way We Live

IOT Will Change the Way We Live

The Internet Of Things (IOT) is a term that describes connectivity becoming embedded into everyday objects. Our “old” internet was a network of computers. But as computing objects become smaller and more mobile, this is changing. Smartphones have extended internet connectivity to where ever we happen to be at the moment. Small computing chips and a variety of sensors are being included in the designs of almost everything we use.

These “smart” objects can collect data about their environment, communicate that data to a central point, and react to control parameters to tailor their behavior. The list of these objects begins with wearable computing devices, continues with household appliances, and eventually will include things like windows, furniture and wall surfaces.

Sensors in lights can detect motion and illuminate pathways without the need for manual switch activation. This saves energy and accumulates usage data that can help predict and control other environmental factors. Smartphones, tablets and new wearable devices will give us control of all our household appliances. Intelligent advisor software will learn our preferences and anticipate the changes we usually desire, automating many daily functions.

Changes in our ability to sense and control our living environment will have ripple effects across our communications, safety, security, privacy, and most aspects of the culture of how we live and interact. We will have more leisure time, become more knowledgeable about how we live our lives, and become more dependent on our technology.

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