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Electronic Tattoos with NFC

Electronic Tattoos with NFC

Electronic skin and tattoos with embedded electronics can contain a variety of medical and health sensors as well as identification and authentication tools.

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a short range (inches) induction based communication technology that uses RFID-like protocols to exchange credentials between devices. NFC can be used in simple form factors like smart phones, key fobs, tags and even stickers.

Adding NFC ability to electronic tattoos allows the tattoo to connect with devices and relay information that can then be stored or forwarded.

Epidermal Electronics

– [youtube.com]

“Epidermal Electronics” is a piece of electronic “tattoo” that mimics the mass, thickness, and elasticity of human skin. It conforms to the finest wrinkles of human skin, forms intimate adhesion through only van der Waals forces, and stays mechanically invisible even when the skin is under large deformation. It can be used to measure electrogram, temperature and strain from any surface of human skin.

Electronic skin tattoos with advanced near-field communication capabilities – [nanowerk.com]

Researchers have demonstrated materials, mechanics designs and integration strategies for near field communication (NFC) enabled electronics with ultrathin construction, ultralow modulus, and ability to accommodate large strain deformation.

These attributes allow seamless, conformal contact with the skin and simultaneous capabilities for wireless interfaces to any standard, NFC enabled smartphone, even under extreme deformations and after/during normal daily activities.

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