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Continuity of Self

Continuity of Self

In order to discuss maintaining and continuing “self”, we need to define self. If self is nothing more than memories and accumulating learning, then making a backup copy should be straightforward. When a backup copy is made, if the original and the copy are not linked in a maintained replication process, they will begin to differ. When the two copies become un-linked, the two selves begin to diverge and in essence, a new self has been created. If self is more than knowledge and wisdom, then we need to learn how to also backup that extra component if we ever intend to use the backup to restore self.

Thoughts on Maintaining the Self While Upgrading the Brain to Machinery – [fightaging.org]

It would be a good thing to have a brain that is a robust collection of artificial machinery when such a thing becomes possible, as the present evolved biological human brain is short-lived and frail in comparison to what could be achieved with a mature nanorobotics industry, capable of producing robust nanomachines that replicate cell functions. But how do you move from a biological to a machine brain without destroying or merely copying yourself? All of the obvious, easily envisaged methodologies are variations on the theme of destructive copying, in which you die and a copy of you continues.

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