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Body Sensors

Body Sensors

Body sensors are small electronic sensors that may be implanted in the human body and can collect and relay information about the health state of the body to a computer, often using wireless signals. The amount of information that can be collected is growing and the types of information is highly varied. The information is being collected by individuals about themselves and by groups, often with the intent of improving body condition or performance.

Body sensors are joining the future internet

Modern man is surrounded by a multitude of sensors. Today’s sensors are simple and made for specific purposes, like measuring temperature, balance, build-up of smoke, or tyre pressure. The common trait of the sensors is that they are all embedded in a closed system.

Now researchers at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, are developing sensors for the future. Their size decreases. They are more robust than today’s sensors, communicate wirelessly, and even reduce energy consumption to a minimum. But more important: The researchers are connecting all sensors to the Future Internet.

Self-Tracking? You Will

Almost everything we do today generates data. We can learn a lot about ourselves by tracking that data. In the past this type of data-collection was possible but difficult, but today capturing data about ourselves is often trivially easy.

Self-tracking is not new. We kept track of our weight or other metrics by writing it down. Today we can measure and record those kinds of things much easier, more precisely and sometimes automatically — like using a scale that transmits our weight to a spreadsheet wirelessly, or wearing an always-on glucose meter.

Researchers Use Sensor Technology to Improve Athletic Performance

A University of Maine track and field coach has teamed up with exercise science and mechanical engineering researchers to improve the performance of his athletes.

A study being conducted on the UMaine campus is employing scientific methods to identify the timing and magnitude of muscle activation during a variety of weight room exercises, as well as movement during competition. The data being collected will help determine the relativity and effectiveness of current training methods and aid in their modification to increase effectiveness.

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