AltaVista is Dead, Long Live Google

After many years, Yahoo has shut down AltaVista for good, ending a long episode in the history of search engines.

Vannevar Bush laid the foundation for the web and search engines when he wrote about collecting the wisdom of mankind in an automated system.

Archie – was created in 1990, before the web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee. Even though it pre-dated the web, it may have been the first internet search engine. It did not index content, only file names.

Lycos – launched in 1994, quickly became the number one search engine by using crawling technology. By 1996 Lycos had indexed over sixty million documents.

AltaVista – launched in 1995, eventually overtook Lycos as the number one search engine with some high powered hardware, but faded when it was re-packaged as an index portal and eventually lost the top spot to Google.

Google – launched in 1998, chased down AltaVista and took over the number one spot in 2001 and has stayed there ever since.

A Eulogy For AltaVista, The Google Of Its Time – []

Goodbye AltaVista. You deserved better than this. Better than the one-sentence send-off Yahoo gave you today, when announcing your July 8 closure date. But then again, you always were the bright child neglected by your parents.

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