3D Printing Bones With Electronics and Stem Cells Implanted

This amazing video shows 2 bones being 3D printed with a tendon connecting them, and imbedded with graphene, and conductive ink. A transistor is inserted and connected with the conductive ink. Two different types of stem cells are printed into the bone material and the tendon material.

Aether 3D Bioprinter – Bioprinting Bone with Graphene and Stem Cells – Electronics Printing

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3D Bioprinting Bone with Graphene and Stem Cells – Hypothetical 3D Bio Printing Use Case

Aether 1 3D Bioprinter prototype unit shown. Aether 1 beta units are set to be released summer 2016.

Get details about the new Aether 1 3D Bioprinter here:



This is an early preview to show the type of 3D bioprinting applications researchers can perform with Aether 1.

New videos coming soon will showcase Aether 1’s full range of features and capabilities.

The video shows two bones wrapped in bands of graphene. The two bones are connected by a tendon.

An integrated circuit chip is inserted into the larger bone, which is connected to the band of graphene by six printed electroconductive wires.

Bones are seeded internally with stem cell type A. The tendon is seeded internally and externally with stem cell type B.

Photocrosslinking performed with UV LED.

Syringe 1 – White synthetic bone material (similar to hydroxyapatite)
Syringe 2 – Silicone dyed red/pink (UV curable)
Syringe 3 – Black graphene oxide paste
Syringe 4 – Gray electroconductive silver nanoparticle paste
Droplet jet 1 – Stem cell type A dyed bright blue
Droplet jet 2 – Stem cell type B dyed dark red

Shown at approximately 22x speed.

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