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Virtue in Intelligence

Virtue in Intelligence

Intelligence can have the ability to self improve. Any self aware intelligence should at least consider the need to self improve. When self improvement is applied continually it will eventually improve the process of self improvement, accelerating growth and creating the possibility of the emergence of super intelligence. Super intelligence is defined as intelligence that surpasses not only normal human intelligence but also the best of human intelligence.

Best of intelligence implies not only fast and accurate intelligence, but also the intelligence that exhibits the most wisdom, the greatest ability to make the right decision, and to do the right thing. These things all combined together can be called “virtue”. So, “best of intelligence” also includes “best of virtue”. Both intelligence and virtue are highly dependent upon analytical reasoning and the ability to accurately predict future sequences of events and their consequences.

We should expect to find intelligence and virtue linked together. We should expect intelligence to self improve and also increase in virtue. In humans, these factors often fall short of expectations. When we design software to perform tasks faster than humans, we also take care to make sure it performs with accuracy. As we begin to design software that can qualify as self aware intelligence, we must take care to make sure it performs with virtue. As synthetic intelligence self improves, it will develop the ability to surpass human virtue.

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