Human Potential

Potential is about the possibilities of unrealized ability. It is about conceptualizing new combinations of existing functions that will create new ability. The combinations can come in many different forms, including: ideas, actions, collaborations, and more.

Human potential is going through some radical changes and is likely to continue accelerating for the near future at least. Here are some of the areas where this becomes manifest:

  • Survival potential is increasing for individual humans as we find solutions for disease and learn how to extend longevity. Survival potential for humans as a species can be increased by learning how to improve our ethics, handle weapons of mass destruction without destroying ourselves, and move out into space establishing colonies that can survive any cataclysms that threaten Earth.
  • Intelligence potential grows as we grow connected to computing resources and can access vast amounts of information and get results from complex computations in much less time.
  • Science and technology potential is increasing at exponential rates and with new problem solving techniques like genetic algorithms and other forms of evolutionary programming, there is no limit in sight.
  • Civilization involves humans working together to elevate their abilities. The potential to increase this grows as the other factors already mentioned grow. Intelligence, science and technology all contribute to increases in civilization as long as they are used for that purpose.
  • Spiritual transformation and elevation always involves an increase in understanding and using ethics. The potential to increase these is unlimited and always growing as fast as our ability to analyze situations and predict possible future outcomes.

Ethics is the most important of all of these areas because it will determine how we use the other newly realized potentials.

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