Ethics and the Singularity

Ethics may be the most important single factor in the singularity. It has the ability to trigger the singularity explosion and it may also determine the final outcome of the singularity.

A positive feedback cascade effect of improved ethics (see link below) can produce an increase in intelligence that will push our rush toward hyper intelligence into full blown singularity mode. Even without a cascade type event, good ethics will promote all singularity feeding developments because they are positive trends for all of mankind.

A lot has been written about worries that singularity related events may be negative for humanity. There is no doubt that a rapid increase in intelligence, knowledge, speed, strength, precision and more, will result in breakthroughs in science and technology. Technology always amplifies human effort. When the effort is not ethical, the amplification makes that effort more dangerous. When the effort is ethical, the amplification improves our situation. The great new advances in science, medicine, robotics, AI and nanotechnology that are just ahead of us can either save humanity or destroy us. It is our ability to analyze and apply ethical decisions that will determine this. On the one hand, the promise and potential are great and promote bright hope for the best. On the other hand, great new power in the control of an un-ethical person can undo all the good.

It is not enough for those of us who are already ethical to become more ethical, although that is required. We also have to find a way to protect against the damage that can be caused by taking actions with bad ethics magnified by advanced technology or even just actions that are based upon the lowest common denominator in the ethical calculation.

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