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Ethical Advisors

Ethical Advisors

AI agents that can act as ethical advisors to humans will be possible soon. Once we have successfully coded ethics into a logic scheme that can be translated into programming code and the agents go through a sufficient learning curve, they will be capable of offering advice on ethical decisions.

EA (Ethical Advisor) agents will be tasked with an ethical situation to analyze and will then proceed to collect sufficient facts to make a wise decision (or be able to state that they need more information before an adequate decision can be reached) and offer the decision they have reached and the rationale supporting it.

EA agents will be delivered from manufacturing in a variety of forms and with a variety of focus on fields of expertise. They will be available as virtual blank slates with the ethical consideration programming in place but no specific focus and no pre-training. They will also be available with significant levels of pre-training and with specific knowledge sets already in place. In either case, they will need to be trained to a specified level of competence by the organization deploying it and the training tweaked to comply with the ethical framework considerations added. Specific moral codes and ethical coefficients can be selected to meet requirements.

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