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Detecting Intelligence

Detecting Intelligence

Intelligence is a complex concept and can be difficult to define. How we define it will determine how we go about attempting to detect it. If we use a simplistic definition that only includes computation speed and accuracy and amount of information, we will use those factors to determine whether or not we have detected intelligence.

This becomes important when we are attempting to detect intelligence or determine whether or not intelligence is present in unusual circumstances or environments. Detecting the presence of intelligence in an artificial source (AI) or an alien source are obvious examples. There are more, perhaps more subtle, similar scenarios. These include determining levels of intelligence in existing human and animal life forms.

If intelligence is to be defined by qualities like wisdom, virtue, and ethics, then we will need to measure those things to detect intelligence. This type of measure will need to avoid answers that can be simply supplied by a fast query of vast amounts of information, but require a complex understanding of how to balance what is best.

It is interesting to note that in order to detect intelligence in forms we consider artificial or strange, we will need to use a testing protocol that many humans will fail. But as our levels of wisdom and virtue increase, we will increasingly use our computational adjuncts to improve them, creating a symbiotic relationship that has a synergistic tendency.

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