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AI Rights

AI Rights

Artificial Intelligence will eventually cross the threshold of becoming “strong AI” or “general AI” which meets or exceeds the level of human intelligence. When a “general” or “strong” Artificial Intelligence is widely recognized as such, we will have to consider allowing the AI to be accorded the same rights as a human being. In order to make the case for strong AI and to argue for rights, it will become necessary to consider the level of intelligence, any contribution to society the AI is capable of making, and there will be a debate on the definition of spiritual presence and whether or not it exists in the AI.

This issue will become controversial and met with resistance, specially over the issue of defining the spiritual component of humans which will invoke religious viewpoints. Social resistance will require implementation on a gradient scale, with limitations imposed upon the initial granting of rights. The arguments for limited rights for AIs, commensurate with animal rights and protections will be convincing and will become the first step down a path toward full rights as living conscious entities.

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