Nehalem is a new microprocessor architecture from Intel. It has been described as the most significant new design in about ten years and has the following qualities:

  • multi-core
  • 45 nm manufacturing process
  • integrated memory controller
  • integrated graphics controller
  • simultaneous multithreading by multiple cores
  • …more


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Intel (NSDQ:INTC)’s next-generation Nehalem processor lineup is so powerful that it simply destroys previous CPU benchmarks. An early look at the company’s new chips shows they have the potential to drive current data center-class performance onto the desktop.

The Test Center has reviewed evaluation units of the chip giant’s latest processors and motherboards over the past several weeks. Early results show nearly historic levels of improvement over previous generations of processors.

Intel, Santa Clara, Calif., made the evaluation units available to reviewers ahead of the platform’s official launch, which is expected to happen later this month. (“Nehalem” is actually the former code-name of the platform, which includes its new Core i7 CPUs and X58 motherboards.)

Considered by some to have the most significant new architectural changes since the Pentium Pro, the microarchitecture will include future variants for server and mobile applications.

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