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Flexible E-paper Tablets

Flexible E-paper Tablets

PaperTab goes on show as flexible paper-thin tablet – [phys.org]

Call it the paper tablet. Or flexible e-paper touchscreen. Or an all in one computing experience made up of a cluster of papery, tablet screens, each behaving like an app. However you look at the PaperTab, it is difficult to avoid the word “revolutionary,” and the prototype was Tuesday’s talk at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. PaperTab is,a 10.7 inch, e-ink, flexible touchscreen display powered by an Intel Core i5 processor. The tablet looks and feels like a sheet of paper. Its “bendiness” delivers durability and also interactions, as by bending the sides, one can flip through pages.

PaperTab: Revolutionary paper tablet reveals future tablets to be thin and flexible as sheets of paper

Touch Screens that Curve, Bend, and Even Touch Back – [technologyreview.com]

While most news from the Consumer Electronics Show is about new products, some early stage technology that could appear in future generations of products also gets unveiled. This year several companies demonstrated prototype technology that could make future touch screens flexible, curved, or even capable of sprouting physical buttons for certain tasks.

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