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Brainwave Control Interface

Brainwave Control Interface

By using a mathematical algorithm that “unfolds” the cortex and maps brainwave signals, a fairly simple sensor headset can translate the signals into computer commands that can control physical objects.

Tan Le: A headset that reads your brainwaves – [ted.com]

So the device that you see is a 14-channel, high-fidelity EEG acquisition system. It doesn’t require any scalp preparation, no conductive gel or paste. It only takes a few minutes to put on and for the signals to settle. It’s also wireless, so it gives you the freedom to move around. And compared to the tens of thousands of dollars for a traditional EEG system, this headset only costs a few hundred dollars. Now on to the detection algorithms. So facial expressions — as I mentioned before in emotional experiences — are actually designed to work out of the box with some sensitivity adjustments available for personalization. But with the limited time we have available, I’d like to show you the cognitive suite, which is the ability for you to basically move virtual objects with your mind.

Reality Bites – [inc.com]

Backed by some impressive partners, Emotiv has a long-range strategy that sounds like a business-school case study from the 22nd century. After enabling us to control video games with our minds, Emotiv intends to let us control most everything else we do on our computers and, after that, what’s around our homes. In 10 years or so, according to the company’s co-founder Tan Le, we will all go around in a world that will respond to our mental commands. Fed by data wirelessly streaming in from a few freckle-size sensors embedded in your scalp, your stereo will know when you are feeling blue and what sort of music cheers you up. Movies will know when you are getting bored and cut to the action. Car advertisers will know when you are feeling the need for speed. Your doctor will know when you are depressed. Doors will open at your mental command.

Emotiv Demonstration – [youtube.com]

Carebro: Controlling your House with your Brain – Demo – [youtube.com]


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