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BioHacking and Security

BioHacking and Security

Homebrew bio-hacking kits will enable bio-terrorism and change the face of security requirements. Once, genetic engineering required big expensive laboratory environments. A cheap kit won’t make you an instant genetic engineering expert but it can start you down the path to understanding how it works. Homebrew chemistry, electronics, and computer kits have sparked interest and learning for many years. Genetic engineering will no doubt produce life saving breakthroughs and wonder in the future, but like any tool, it will also be misused to create weapons. And that will change the nature of how we need to defend ourselves.

Synbiota biohacking kits let you do genetic engineering at home – [cbc.ca]

A Canadian company is trying to make it possible for anyone to be a “biohacker” and make custom genetically modified organisms in their home kitchen.

Homemade GMOs may sound scary to some, but Toronto-based Synbiota thinks making genetic engineering technology available to ordinary people will lead to new products that we haven’t yet dreamed of.

But are things really so simple? Is that a technology we really can give to anyone? And do we even want to? Those were some of the questions I had when I showed up at a “biohacking party” hosted by Synbiota in a rented ranch-style bungalow in Austin, Texas, early this year.

Future Security Threats – [optimizesurvival.com]

In the past, most of our security threats have been physical and kinetic in nature. The classical example would be a home invasion by a gang of armed thugs. Remedy examples include perimeter defense and/or alarms, strengthening entry portals (doors and windows), and developing options for defense inside the perimeter (most likely with some form of arms).

We will still have to consider those threats in the future, but there will be some significant differences in future threats. The defensive options against physical and kinetic threats will improve dramatically. Alarms and sensors are rapidly becoming smaller, cheaper and include greater functionality. Bulletproof blankets and shields offer portable and easy to deploy options. Materials science is producing lighter, stronger and cheaper fabrics and screens that can offer protection against sharp blade impacts, bullets, and even blasts. The physical and kinetic threats will never completely disappear, but they are becoming more manageable. Future threats will also include chemical and biological weapons, cyber attacks, 3-D printers, and attacks using advanced nanotechnology. These attack vectors have the potential to completely change defense strategies.

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