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Advances in Cyborg Technology

Advances in Cyborg Technology

Artificial Body Technology in the Service of Man – [2045.com]

When skeptics voice doubts about the viability of creating an artificial human body in the coming decades, it attests only to the fact that they are not very familiar with the scientific and technological achievements that have been made in this field of late. They fail to notice the monthly and daily news about technologies and scientific innovations being introduced that once seemed a part of the world of science fiction but that today are already benefiting people’s lives.

  • On the Harmfulness of Skepticism and the Usefulness of Imagination
  • How Athletes With Prosthetic Limbs Have Outpaced the Able-bodied
  • How Scientists Brought the Hand Under Control
  • How to Build a House in a Week (exoskeletons)
  • How Brain Implants Are Saving Lives and Sustaining the Mind
  • How to Turn on the TV With Your Thoughts
  • Devices to Keep Track of Your Blood Pressure and Perform Blood Tests
  • On the Implantation of Artificial Organs and Tissues
  • Conclusion: How Science is Helping the Common Man

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