Virtual Crime Scene

The links and quotes below describe a technology to scan a scene and digitize it, then transmit the information to another location where it can be re-created with great photo realistic 3D qualities. This has been framed as applying to crime scene analysis, but it can be applied to many other uses also.

Scanner paints a virtual crime scene

Forensics experts and road-accident investigators could soon revisit the scene of a crime without leaving their office, thanks to a 3D scanner that “paints” a virtual model of the area.

The hand-held scanner makes it possible to record a scene with millimetre accuracy and creates a computerised 3D model that can be navigated as if investigators were at the site, says Robert Valkenburg of Industrial Research in Auckland, New Zealand, which developed the technology.

3D scene scanning device

Client: Partnership between Right Hemisphere and Industrial Research
Topic: Three-dimensional digital scene cloning
Client benefit: Wide variety of potential uses – manufacturing, crime scenes, as-built surveying

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