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tinmith AR system
Tinmith is a project of the Wearable Computer Lab at the University of South Australia. The project does research into “mobile outdoor augmented reality”. This means wearing a backpack computer and HUD style headset that can overlay data and graphical information into the headset display while you are walking around outdoors, as well as provide interaction with the data.

We have written a number of applications which use Tinmith technology in order to perform outdoor augmented reality tasks. The Tinmith-Metro application is our main application, demonstrating the capture and creation of 3D geometry outdoors in real time, leveraging the user’s physical presence in the world. Tinmith-Metro is also capable of easily rendering existing 3D models such as VRML, 3DS, and DXF for visualisation purposes. The true power of our software is experienced when using the 3D modelling capability to make changes in the environment, which is the most advanced of its kind available.

Hog3d (Hand of god project)

HOG is the name given to this project because outdoor Augemented Reality (AR) users of the system have the experience of seeing a giant hand come out of the sky. The experience of these users is similar to the experience of the people in the mini series “The Stand” by Stephen King, where the “hand of god” comes out of the sky and lifts up a nuclear warhead. It is also similar to the interaction method many gamers have experienced while playing computer games such as Black and White and Populous. In both of these god games players interact with the world through the “hand of god”.

ARQuake Project

ARQuake is an Augmented Reality (AR) version of the popular Quake game. Augmented reality is the overlaying of computer generated information onto the real world. We use a head mounted display, mobile computer, head tracker, and GPS system to provide inputs to control the game. Using ARQuake, you can walk around in the real world and play Quake against virtual monsters.

Augmented Reality Gaming Engine – [a-rage.com]

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